GP sick/fit notes

If you've been off work sick for several days, then you may need to show your employer a fit note (also known as an NHS sick note) from your GP to confirm that you've been ill and that you're able to return to work.

Sick notes can only be issued when they are due and cannot be future dated. You can request a GP fit note using our online system. Find out more below.

How to get a fit note

You can request a fit note from your GP using our online system to complete a form. Once you have completed the form, your GP will get in contact to either issue a fit note to say that you’re fit to work or book an appointment to see you face-to-face. This depends on your illness and whether you’ve been in hospital.

At the appointment, your GP will assess you and give you medical advice. Based on your appointment, they will be able to tell if you are fit for work but might need to make some possible changes, or if you are not fit for work. You can use the link below to request a fit note from your GP.

When do you need a fit note

Seven days off sick or less

If you’re off sick for less than seven days, then your employer shouldn’t ask for a fit note. However, they can ask you to confirm that you’ve been ill and that you’re better to return to work. This is called a self-certification, and you can get the form from your employer.

More than seven days off sick

If you’re off work sick for more than seven days, then your employer might ask for a fit note to show evidence from your GP that you were not fit to work. You can use our online system to request a GP fit note.

How to count sick days

When you work out the number of days that you’ve been sick, you need to count all the days in a row you’ve been sick, including days you don’t normally work such as weekends and bank holidays.

Statement of Fitness for Work

The Doctor will provide you with a Statement of Fitness for Work (‘Fit Note’) if you are still not well enough to work. Your employer will most likely request this statement as evidence to support payment of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

Further information is available at the Direct.Gov website.

Private Certificates

If you or your employer require further information concerning your period(s) of illness, then your Doctor may require to issue you with a letter. Please note that a charge may apply for this service. Please check with our Reception Desk.

Further Information 

The NHS Information website provides further details about Sick or Fit Notes. Go to the When do I need a fit note page on the NHS website.