Find out about our new online triage system. 

From tomorrow, Wednesday 15th November we will be launching our new online consultation service called Klinik. Whether you come into the practice, phone, or use the online service you will be taken through the same form that collects all the information our clinical team needs. If possible, please use the online form whenever you can as this will mean patients who are unable to access the online form can have support from the practice to fill in the form without having to wait too long in a queue.

Klinik is designed to help GP practices to improve the efficiency of their triage process by providing an immediate assessment of the urgency of patient enquiries, Klinik can help to ensure that patients are seen by the right healthcare professional as quickly as possible. Klinik can also help to reduce the number of unnecessary appointments, freeing up GPs’ time to see more patients. Klinik is used by over 1,000 GP practices in the UK. Many other local practices have or will be using Klinik.

Once you’ve submitted your symptoms and comments, or called us, we will assess the urgency or requirements of your condition. This is all supervised by a GP. After this, we will assign you to the right point of care, which could be with your GP, a pharmacist, or another member of the practice team.

After you click ‘submit’ your enquiry will be sent to us. If you provided your email address you will receive an email notification regarding its delivery. When the system has shown the notification “Your request has been sent”, you can be sure that the message has been sent and then simply wait for the us to contact you.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Klinik Patient Video