Register as a new patient at Kingkerswell and Ipplepen Medical Practice

You can register as a patient at Kingskerswell and Ipplepen Health Centres by using the links below. This will only take 2 working days. For more information please see below. 

How to register as a new patient online

Please use the links at the bottom of this page to register at our surgery. 

This is a simple process and it will only take 2 working days to get you registered. 

If at any point you find you cannot complete these forms, you can visit the practice and register in a different way. 

Our catchment area

Patients are registered not only from the villages of Kingskerswell and Ipplepen but a large 40 square mile area. This includes Aller, Decoy and Wolborough Hill in Newton Abbot, Coffinswell, Daccombe, Compton, Abbotskerswell, Dainton, Ogwell, Two Mile Oak, Denbury, Torbryan, Broadhempston Woodland, Edginswell and The Willows in Torquay. 

You can use the Find a GP service to check you are within our catchment area. 

Registering online as a non-English speaker

You can find guidance and advice on how to become a new patient if you’re first language is not English, or if you’re an asylum seeker. You can find out more information about the NHS and how to register and access emergency services on the NHS website.

Go to the NHS website.

Registering as a temporary patient

If you are away from home, you can register as a temporary patient with Kingkerswell and Ipplepen Medical Practice for up to three months. This will allow you to use our surgery and still remain a patient at your permanent GP surgery. After three months, you will have to re-register as a temporary patient or permanently register with us.

You can register as a temporary patient at Kingkerswell and Ipplepen Medical Practice by completing our online form.

Register as a temporary patient

Medical treatment for visitors from abroad

If you require immediate necessary treatment we will help you. Bring your passport to show if you reside within the European Econmic Area or in a country where the UK has a bilateral agreement. The rules are complex and seem to be forever changing, so please bear with us while we clarify matters.

Eligibility to “free” NHS care relates to whether you are “ordinarily resident in the UK” This normally means you are lawfully living in the UK for a settled purpose for more than 6 months. Some patients say that they plan to reside in the UK and in these cases we may ask to see some documentary evidence that they are working locally or a student or a refugee or asylum seeker etc.

If you are a temporary visitor we can

  • register you as one of our patients (only if you are staying for 3 months or more) but this does not necessarily mean you are able to get free hospital treatment.
  • treat you as a private patient and agree a fee with you depending on your needs. A consultation with a doctor for up to 15 minutes is charged at £35 and if medications are prescribed there will be further charges to cover the cost of a private prescription and any drugs supplied. At Kingskerswell a local Pharmacy will supply and charge for the drugs. You should be able to claim for these costs under travel insurance – we will provide a receipted invoice for you.

Both health centres can arrange access to interpreters who can assist patients who do not speak or understand English, or for whom English is a second language. The interpreter is available via telephone and as additional consultation time will be required some advanced notification would be appreciated.

Registering children

To register a child at our surgery, the parent or guardian of a child (under 16) must also be registered here. You can use our online registration form to do this.

Register your child as a patient

What to do if you’re registering on behalf of someone else

If you are a carer of young children, elderly adults or adults who aren’t able to register themselves, you can set up an account on their behalf. This will allow you to book an appointment and access parts of their GP online services account.

Find out more

Change of address

If you are moving house, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are moving out of the surgery’s catchment area, you may be asked to register with a surgery that’s closer to your new home address.

You can contact us online to let us know about a change in your address.

Please also let us know if your telephone number or email address changes.

Find out more

Click the link to find NHS advice on how to register at a GP surgery

Contact us

You can contact us for more help.